1. How can I buy USEREUM?

You can buy USEREUM from our ICO website http://ico.usereum.io/.
In order to buy USEREUM you will have to register & login after verifying your email.
After logging, you will have access to the following options ;

  1. USEREUM Main Wallet & Purchase
  2. Bonus Calculator
  3. Bonus Tokens
  4. Affiliate & Referral Dashboard

2. USEREUM Main Wallet & Purchase

In order to buy USEREUM, the very first requirement is to submit your KYC (your national id, photograph), once approved, you will get a wallet and will be able to make token purchases.

3. Bonus Calculator

Each purchase will have bonus tokens attached depending upon the timeline and offer running at the point of time. You can calculate your Bonus Tokens USEREUM bonus calculator shown at the purchase panel.
Bonus Tokens will be granted to your account as per your purchases or your referrals;

  1. Each Offer & Referral assigns you additional Bonus Tokens as per the scheme running at the point of time of purchase.
  2. Each referral you recommend, who make a purchase will entitle you for 5% of the bonus tokens (more information on referral section below)

4. Difference between purchased tokens & bonus tokens, and how and when to use it.

Once purchased tokens will come in two wallets, i.e, Main Wallet for your purchased tokens, and Bonus Wallet for your Bonus Tokens.
It’s important to note ;

  1. You will be able to use your USEREUM tokens & Bonus Tokens on any of our existing services immediately
  2. But you will only be able to exchange your purchased USEREUM Tokens with any other currency only after USEREUM goes live on exchanges at 2nd May, current Exchanges include CEX.io & YoBit.io, more to be added soon.

It is important to note that bonus tokens cannot be used for exchanging to other currency till 90 days of the launch of USEREUM or 90 days of your purchase whichever is later. But you can definitely be used for any of the purchases on USEREUM official services. You can see more details on acceptable USEREUM network at network / sponsor section.
Post 90 days of your bonus token allocation, it will automatically transfer to your main wallet for you to send it to exchanges.

5. Affiliate & Referral Dashboard

  1. Your dashboard has a panel which allows you to access your referral link and keep track of tokens earned you’re your referral link.
  2. You can create additional referral links for you to segregate and track your affiliate campaigns if any.
  3. Each time you earn referral bonus tokens, you will get notified by email.

6. Where can I use USEREUM? Who are part of current network / sponsors?

  1. Global Crypto Hub [ www.globalcryptohub.io ]
  2. Cryptocurrency Expo’s [ www.cryptocurrencyexpo.com ]
  3. ATAsia Blockchain Expo : [ www.asiablockchainexpo.com ]
  4. Travel & Real Estate Parners – To be announced soon
  5. CRYPA [usereum.io/crypa.php]

Please visit our sponsor section for more details on it http://ico.usereum.io#ournetwork

7. Support

For your purchase & billing related queries send your mail to support@usereum.io
Have suggestions / feedback? Write to us at feedback@usereum.io